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While there are a variety of building styles that are well suited for Cold formed steel (CFS) prefabricated wall panels, the types of projects best suited are as follows.

Mid-Rise buildings

In a load bearing application, CFS generally outperforms all other superstructure components in the 2 to 10 story range. It is possible to construct as much as ten stories of stand alone load bearing CFS on top of a building of essentially any height. given that the lower stories are supported by other means (structural steel etc.)

Military Barracks

Given the nature and use of these buildings, it makes perfect sense to prefabricate the load bearing structure. There are huge cost, and construction duration savings in repeatable conditions. Shrock Prefab has helped pave the way with R&D and cost savings exercises in regards to progressive collapse design.

Assisted Living Facilities

Whether the facility sprawls (as is typical with this genre of building) or stacks CFS has huge advantages both in its non flammable nature, light weight, and resistance to organic infestations.

Just to name a few.

Absolutely! Our prefabricated panels allow for faster build times and reduced weather delays. 

Our Design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) department provide all the drawings and services you need to ensure your walls will be fabricated and delivered reflecting the engineering and project specifications.  We furnish shop fabrication drawings for CFS Load Bearing and Non-Load Bearing Walls and Floor Panels. 

We also furnish the needed drawings and documents to the job site to ensure efficiency and success.  Our BIM services provide coordination, clash detection and material quantification so our product arrives on time and accurate.

At Shrock Prefab, our manufacturing environment is highly controlled. With a fully vetted and implemented Quality Control Program and Certified Welders, you are assured of a controlled manufacturing environment that allows for the consistent quality and delivery.

Our customers enjoy an overall cost savings with Shrock Prefab. You will directly benefit from reduced construction loan lengths (saving you interest) and fewer on-site man hours.

By utilizing our prefabricated walls that are fabricated before they are needed, you benefit from reduced weather related delays. 

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