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Are Saying About Shrock Prefab

I want to thank you and your team in supporting our project to a complete success.  

Your performance on this project was exceptional and it was a pleasure visiting your facility and working with your team.  

You are certainly our go to company for prefab.  

Thanks again and hope to see you all soon!!

Philip G. Ruffin, President
Pontiac Ceiling & Partition Co., LLC

I have teamed up with Shrock Prefab on multiple projects across the country and the Bowling Green State Univeristy project was a true statement to Shrock Prefab’s efficiency, professionalism, and quality.


The project was extremely large in size; two buildings, the Northwest site and the Southcentral site.  The project was issued as a single contract but was two individual buildings roughly 395,000 SF total. Both buildings were approximately 2500 panels and the schedule was extremely tight due to each building being constructed concurrently. Shrock delivered two loads of panels every other day.  Shrock maintained the communication with the site foreman to coordinate the deliveries and kept the contractor and GC happy with meeting the tight schedule requirements.


I have worked with multiple panel companies across the country and I don’t think there is another company out there that could have satisfied this contract.  They will be the first pick on my team, every time.

Rodney H Kilbury
Sr. Project Manager

Since 1979 I have known and worked with Joe Shrock on several construction projects. These projects have been residential,commercial, hospitality , religious and assisted living. It was approximately 1994 when Joe and I teamed up for the first metal wall panel project. It was in Mansfield, Ohio a Baymont Inn. After that first time I coordinated with Joe for projects in Ohio, Michigan, New York, Mass., Penn. Kentucky and Illinois.

George Smith

The Considine building project, being true IPD, demanded many upfront hours, in which OCP and the project design team decided to prefabricate the exterior wall panels with Shrock Prefab and Engineering.


A benefit to using Shrock is that they have their own Engineering Department which allows everything to be in house. We achieved a highly coordinated panel which included the installation of Framing, Sheathing, AVB, Flashing, Windows, Brick ties, and Brick relief angles.


Shrock's engineering team was able to coordinate the panel's design and hit all the panels requirements. The basis of design included 205 total panels. A typical panel was 13' tall and 32' long with two 8’x8’ windows. Semi-trucks would show up with 8 panels per truck. The panels were set into place with a crane and left only a perimeter joint around each panel that was then detailed (after an elevation was completed off the brick layers Hydro Mobile Scaffolding).


This created a highly efficient process with minimal field correction where we enclosed the entire building in total of 6 weeks.

Scott Tomala
OCP Contractors

I have worked with Shrock Prefab, LLC for over 5 years and have been more than satisfied with the quality of panels they produce. Whether they are building wall panels or roof trusses,  John Kauffman and his team have always met our tight deadlines and shipping schedules; no matter the job location.

We have completed 6 buildings together ranging from a 40,000 sq ft. addition to a 185,000 new hotel build, no matter the size or complexity, Shrock Prefab gets the job done – Right, On Time, and Under Budget.

I have worked with many panelizers from Washington State to Texas to Virginia and Shrock Prefab, LLC is top notch. Their line of professionalism is hard to come by these days in the construction world.

Joshua McKenzie
Project Manager

Shrock Prefab/Shrock Engineering

614 North Spring Street
Loudonville, OH 44842
(419) 994-1900

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